Transform your newsroom

In today’s media landscape, no story stands on its own. Or better: no story should stand on its own. With tailor-made consultancy and workshops, I help newsrooms transform their practices into inclusive, intersectional and transmedia storytelling.

Multiplatform, multi-audience.

Intro to transmedia storytelling

Get into the right mindset by using the analogy of a story ecosystem.

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The 5 pillars of your ecosystem

An in-depth look at how to build a story ecosystem that reaches multiple audiences across multiple platforms.

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Building audience relationships

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How to build transmedia teams

Everything you need to know from the team members you’d need, to adaptable leadership and working interdisciplinary.

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Money talks

From funding to partnerships and impact.

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Intersectionality in journalism

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Editorial transparency

How to use transparency as a part of your story and build trust and communication with your audience

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Storytelling for journalists

The basics of storytelling, how to apply them to journalistic work and some easy-to-use tools 

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New formats for ...

Choose between one of the following: social media, audio, or data.

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Story design sprint

How to implement a story design sprint methodology as a brainstorming technique for journalists

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About Story Ecosystems

Whether you’ve just released a 2 hour-long documentary, launched a new podcast series or published an investigative article, we all know the feeling of having more to say. That’s where we land in this debate. But let’s not forget about our audience. An audience that is battling with information overload, frightening amounts of screen time, a fear of better options and a divided attention span.

So, instead of making more and more fragmented stories to push on the dozens of apps audiences are on, why don’t we approach each story as part of an ecosystem? This narrative world provides seeds to plant, air to breathe, soil to put roots and water to grow, sun to energize and shade to rest and reflect. It requires a certain amount of imagination, but for those who like labels and definitions, we’ll call it transmedia.

Building an ecosystem

A new way of thinking

Journalism has changed enormously in the last two decades. With the rise of the internet came multimedia—then crossmedia. Today, we’re way into the next stage: transmedia.

In transmedia storytelling, we’re distributing a story as pieces of a puzzle across multiple platforms, allowing the public to participate and form their own insights.

Transmedia storytelling is built around one story world which integrates multiple media across multiple platforms. Different sides of the same topic are used to attract new audiences and apply new formats. By creating these different doors as a point of entry into your story world, you create a narrative ecosystem with a complex, dynamic and coordinated experience. 

And the readers? They get the chance to fully immerse themselves in the topic you’re putting on the table.

Transform your newsroom

Give your journalists, editors and chiefs the tools—and the mindset—to give an answer to the audience’s new wants, needs and expectations. 

Break through the walls that separate our traditional media platforms: tv, radio, online and print.

And create more agile teams that find joy in experimentation, without blowing your budget.


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